I am a senior studying Computer Science and Statistics in the University of Michigan, graduating in 2024.


Software Engineer Intern @ NIUM*

Software Engineer Intern (Core/Database Engineering) @ Snowflake*

Low Latency System Engineer Intern @ GangXing Investment (罡兴投资 正定私募)

Algorithm Intern @ Huakong Tsingjiao Information Science (华控清交) & IIIS, Tsinghua University

Software Engineer Intern (Rust) @ RisingWave Labs

Data Analyst Intern @ Apple

*Indicates New Grad Offer Extended


NFGen: Automatic Non-linear Function Evaluation Code Generator for General-purpose MPC Platforms
Xiaoyu Fan, Kun Chen, Guosai Wang, Mingchun Zhuang, Yi Li, and Wei Xu
In the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (ACM CCS), 2022



A = mczhuang

B = umich.edu

Email: A@B


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